Open a Terminal window and enter the command pcsctest, which displays the list of connected readers. - Enter the number of the reader you want to test. 6.. Aug 14, 2020 The output for pcsctest (and input asking reader) herri01: lvr pcsctest MUSCLE PCSC Lite Test Program Testing SCardEstablishContext:.... Oct 20, 2019 pcsctest 1 1 exit. but, even if in the terminal shell i've selected in preferences > profile > shell to. close the window when the shell is finished.. I have installed pcsc lite 1.4.4, and used pcsctest to check if the reader is working, and it seems to be ok: xxx:~ tuxed$ pcsctest MUSCLE PC/SC.... Jan 17, 2015 Doesn't help - the file is still missing. It's very odd since I got pcsctest for example but not the daemon executable. vap78 Jan 20 '15 at 18:56.. ... only) in /tmp cp /System/Library/Frameworks/PCSC.framework/PCSC /tmp Run the application to debug as: DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=/tmp pcsctest.... Feb 13, 2016 pcsctest program shows the NEO and it is fine - pkcs15-tool shows the NEO, can list contents, etc. - SC_AUTH DOES NOT SHOW THE NEO 538a28228e










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